Photography:   Lydia Hudgens   Model/Makeup:   Slater Stanley

Photography: Lydia Hudgens
Model/Makeup: Slater Stanley

Slater Stanley is a full-time freelance makeup artist working in fashion, bridal, eCommerce, TV, film, theater, and print. He takes appointments for applications or lessons at his home in Brooklyn or on location, any time of day. From natural makeup to drag makeup, Slater provides a professional, tailored experience with the comfort of the client in mind. 

Slater has a growing celebrity clientele and has worked on multiple occasions with notable artists such as Björk, Princess Nokia, and Mykki Blanco. His work has been featured in Vogue, Glamour, Nylon, Galore, and Paper Magazine, as well as several live performance and NYFW runway shows. 

He began his artistic career as an oil painter in Southern California before moving to China in 2011. In Shanghai he commenced study for the degree he later received from NYU in Chinese Language and History. He is happy to accommodate clients in either English or Mandarin.

Now he paints faces around the clock, consumed with the idea of getting to know someone creatively and intimately by navigating their face in a collaboration of self-actualization. Check out his early 2018 interview with New York Magazine's The Cut here.

He is currently working on launching a workshop series dedicated to teaching transgender women and fellow gender-nonconforming individuals makeup techniques (such as contouring and stubble shadow correcting) as a resource to facilitate their own safety as well as aesthetic.

Details of, and links to, the network of producers, photographers, stylists, hairstylists, etc. with whom Slater works can be found by hovering over each individual image in this portfolio.

For makeup tips and behind-the-scenes, follow @makeupbyslater on Instagram.